Exercises to build self-confidence

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Self-confidence is enormously important in order to develop a positive attitude to life, to have success in the profession and to increase the reputation in the social environment.

For this reason, one should invest time to build and develop one’s self-confidence.

In the following, some exercises for building self-confidence will be shown.

Eliminate negative feelings

As soon as the first feelings of insecurity appear, you get into stress or if you feel fear, you should try to get a grip on this. One must consciously try to overlay these feelings with positive associations. This is easier said than done and requires a certain degree of self-discipline.

Suppose you are convinced

“I can’t do it.”,

then you should look for events in your life where you have already mastered similar situations. Your new conviction is then

“I’ve done it before, so I’ll do it again.”

Suppose you are convinced

“I don’t feel ready yet.”

Then you should imagine what it would be like if you made it anyway. With this conviction, you can build your self-confidence and adopt the following conviction

“But if I can do it, everyone will praise me and I know that I will get recognition.”

In order to build self-confidence, the positive thoughts can be predicted in the form of mantras, so as not to allow the negative feelings in the first place. But you can also create a cheat sheet with your new beliefs and read it (at least) one per day.

Pay attention to the feelings that arise when reading through the new beliefs. If negative feelings such as anger, displeasure or rejection arise, then this indicates inconsistencies.

Do not compare yourself with others,

if you want to build your self-confidence.

If you feel worse, more boring, less creative or less attractive than another person, then you feel negative. Such comparisons create inferiority complexes, uncertainties and stress. For this reason, you should not compare yourself directly with other people.

However, you can build up your self-confidence if you take as an example people who do outstanding things in one or more areas. Role models or idols with positive qualities also encourage further development.

Refrain from mind games with negative consequences

Consider in advance why one’s own behavior cannot be successful, but becomes a complete embarrassment, should be omitted. By a complete concentration on the upcoming task these mind games do not come about at all. The result is that you can handle the upcoming tasks more safely and optimistically.

Love yourself

This saying sounds like a joke to some, but is the key to building a strong self-confidence. A conscious consideration of what is endearing, desirable and simply great about one’s own person can loosen up a pessimistic view of one’s own person. Armed with a note and a pen, you think about your own person and consciously concentrate on the positive qualities. After the list has been created, you can turn these properties into a mantra that can be used in seemingly unmanageable situations to encourage yourself.

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