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People begin to develop their self-confidence in childhood. One’s self-confidence depends on how much encouragement and appreciation one receives as a child from the family, but essentially from father and mother. Children who are praised by their parents, who are encouraged to do their best, develop a healthy self-confidence from a very early age. You have a high self-esteem from the beginning and show a high self-confidence to the outside world. Children who are praised are also able to learn from their mistakes. They are more attentive at school and are rewarded with better grades.

Children who are constantly criticized and scolded for their behavior, they dare less. They begin to despair of their own achievements. As a result, they develop low self-confidence and show low self-confidence to the outside world. Even as adults, you will feel little desire to try new things, simply out of the learned fear of failure.

The lack of self-confidence leads to a decrease in the esteem one holds for oneself. The lack of appreciation leads to the fact that in the long term one is not prepared to treat oneself with the necessary respect. One begins to neglect oneself very much; one lets oneself go. People with low self-esteem often neglect their clothing, body hygiene and their own body.

Self-confidence and change

From childhood to adulthood, we go through phases that bring about tremendous change on the physical and psychological levels. These changes must be understood, processed and accepted.People with high self-confidence cope with these changes faster than people with low self-confidence. Every successful completion of a challenge leads to an increase in self-confidence. Each increase in self-confidence automatically leads to improved self-confidence and higher self-worth.

Confidence in teenagers

In teenagers, self-confidence can undergo a complete transformation. Some teenagers feel very strange as soon as their bodies start to change. In the company of other people, they begin to feel uncomfortable. Other adolescents, on the other hand, enjoy the attention of the group, which is usually due to a high self-esteem. At the same time, the positive attention of the other group members in turn strengthens one’s self-esteem. And in addition, people with high self-esteem also contribute to positively influence the self-esteem of the people around them.

Self-confidence in adults

Among adults, many people also suffer from low self-esteem. All changes that we experience in the course of our lives must be understood, processed and accepted by us. A high self-esteem, which goes hand in hand with a healthy self-confidence, helps us to cope better with the crises in our lives. Crises such as divorce, job loss, accidents and diseases can be dealt with better and faster if we have a high level of self-confidence.

Imagine that you have a fortune of 10 million euros. With this fortune, it is certainly easier for you to accept a loss of 1000 euros. If your assets are only 1000 euros, then it is much harder to accept a loss of 1000 euros.

What can you do?

It can be difficult to build your own self-confidence and it can take some time. The beliefs and beliefs that we carry around with us since our childhood are difficult to shake. And we have invested a lot in proving the correctness of our own beliefs and beliefs. All the harder we have to work to shake them up and replace them with better beliefs and beliefs. But it’s worth it. And after a certain time, the first successes of our work show up.

The greatest challenge in building a high level of self-confidence is to direct our own energy to where positive perspectives arise. Where our skills and behaviour lead to success. Positive thinking alone is not enough to get a higher level of self-confidence. Our brain needs tangible proof of our success. if You don’t like something:

then don’t start complaining about it, but change it.

then change the perspective or your own point of view

then look for things you like better

If other people don’t like something about you, change it or stand by your mistakes. If people don’t like you, then focus on what you have to offer them.

But it is likely that most of the mistakes you have are not noticed by other people. It is often only because of your lack of self-esteem that you overestimate your own mistakes.

The first step you should take is to build your self-confidence. Do sports, seek challenges (I don’t mean you should seek dangers). Step up a bit more every day, but don’t get overwhelmed. Do crazy things (without making yourself ridiculous). And enjoy life.

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