Charisma and authenticity

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Everyone knows them, these authentic personalities, with a stunning charisma, an enviable glow, a certain extra eben-also called charisma. To our surprise, we have to realize that these people do not always correspond to today’s ideal of beauty or hero status. Their peculiarity does not need a beautiful face, a fascinating body or inhumane achievements. Attractiveness and success are therefore not criteria for charismatic charisma.

What distinguishes these people?

If we look around in our environment, we will certainly discover a friend who is small and pummeled, but radiates so much wit and warmth that everyone is fascinated by her. There may be a teacher who carries everyone along with her enthusiasm or we know a friend who is calm, calm and thoughtful, but her openness seems like a warm embrace and her presence spreads peace and security.

Charisma is therefore something very individual. Whether loud, quiet, bubbly or reserved, it is there when people are themselves.

How to become authentic?

The one who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened. (Laotse)

The first step to authenticity is self-acceptance. Perhaps the hardest step, because most people are masters in self-criticism, self-doubt and the suppression of their personality. Often they are no longer aware of their feelings, thoughts, needs and wishes and feel unable to express them and bring them into life.

Even if you don’t know who you are and what you want, you have to accept that. If you want to change something, you first have to accept what is.

accept yourself

Self-acceptance is the prerequisite for the second step: self-love. When you love yourself, you are more compassionate and caring. You are ready to accept yourself as you are. This acceptance makes us freer and more relaxed and we slowly develop a sense of our uniqueness. This own appreciation is becoming more and more important and our actions become the result of our intuition and creativity. Slowly, your heart opens, we trust more, we live more consciously, and this leads us to more and more self-awareness.

The way self-knowledge

The path to self-knowledge requires courage to question the will of oneself and one’s view of the world. One must free oneself from the comfortable “mass thinking”, uncover and revise false beliefs and behavioral patterns from childhood. This requires time and patience.

As soon as you trust yourself, as soon as you know how to live (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Charisma is therefore not a mysterious phenomenon, intended only for a few people, but a natural result of self-confidence and self-confidence. Charismatic people are authentic, they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, know their wishes and needs and live their lives contentedly. They do not submit to norms or values, they know their talents and abilities and they are ready to try and develop. You leave the comfortable path of customization and boldly explore your personal limits.

I write about the end of humanity. Canadian. Writer. Believer.

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