Building self-confidence with the Enneagram

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Quite a few people confuse this awareness with various other aspects of character, such as openness, self-expression and the like. If you want to build your self-confidence, you can first conduct some personality research for this purpose.

This sounds more difficult than it actually is, because people have always used different tools to find their way better in this world, precisely with the character-related predispositions that each person possesses individually. Here, among other things, a so-called Enneagram can be used.

Building self-confidence with the Enneagram

The Enneagram represents a total of nine different personality patterns. It is very helpful for the individual to learn the respective pattern. The enneagram is in some respects a life help, because it also has different archetypes and thus explains why certain things are easier or harder for one person than for other people. Those who have this knowledge can build up their self-confidence and thus lead a self-determined life.

How does the enneagram help

The model with the nine different patterns not only helps to find out the individual pattern for the individual person, but it is also very useful when it comes to life and change and development. Those who have already completed some important stages of development in their lives know that development cannot take place without change and vice versa.

This is not always easy and sometimes even quite painful. Help and support is needed here, which the enneagram can provide. Because depending on the nature, the model also shows respective forms of development, which are available for the idividual. It does not matter whether it is about private life or the future of your career. Anyone who wants to build up their self-confidence can benefit from it in every situation.

Self-confidence and spiritual development

Last but not least, of course, it is also about the spiritual development of a person, actually all aspects go hand in hand. These include interpersonal relationships, the profession or even the vocation. Anyone who wants to build up his self-confidence can use the enneagram for this purpose and thus understand himself and his own career much better. Friends and other people in general can also be better understood in this way.

Not infrequently, this also clears misunderstandings out of the way and a tangible satisfaction is restored in one’s own life. Things are flowing again and can be viewed from the right perspective. So life brings joy again and energy and confidence are finally everyday companions again.

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