5 Possibilities of Personality Development

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Personality development does not take place in defined steps. It comes with every new challenge we face. When we are faced with a new situation, a task or a challenge, then we always have 3 ways in which we can decide. We can decide:

the new situation to like and love (love it)

getting out of the situation (leave it)

change the situation again (change it)

How our own personality develops depends very much on our personal attitude towards life.

Say yes to life

Nevertheless, saying yes to life is a book worth reading by psychologist Viktor Frankl. In this book he describes his thoughts and theories about the psychological processes of people who have experienced terrible things. It shows that you can still find something good even in terrible situations.

We can always choose to accept life as it is, to love and like it. To accept it as it is. We can:

to make our own decisions without first obtaining the permission of others

to practice our current profession in such a way that we are satisfied with it

to see our future as promising, without guilt resentment and regret

spend more time improving ourselves and leading an authentic life

taking our chances and being free from fear

The positive attitude to life for a resolute personality development

Love yourself

To accept oneself, to love oneself as one is, is not always easy. Nevertheless, this is very important, because if you cannot love yourself, then it is difficult to accept another person as you are.

And projections of one’s own wishes on another person do not lead to a satisfied and happy life.

Unconditional love means love without judging. Free yourself from unrealistic expectations and accept the people you love as what they are. Don’t expect your needs and desires to be met by someone else.

Leave your own comfort zone

Many things can only be achieved in life if you occasionally cross the so-called “red line” and leave your comfort zone. The development of one’s own personality becomes possible. Everything we do in life involves a certain risk.

If we give too much opportunity to fear, then fear will determine our lives. Fear is important. It protects us from dangers and reckless action. But fear should not be the sole Emotion that determines our lives. Curiosity, courage and risk-taking should also be part of this. Fear, courage, curiosity and risk-taking should be balanced.

Fear alone prevents success. Take chances and leave your own comfort zone. Taking risks puts you in a position to take responsibility for your life. Be curious about life. Experiment and try new things. Set goals and become active.

Observe the feelings and emotions that arise in you when you think about leaving your comfort zone and crossing your “red lines”. The permanent stay in the comfort zone prevents you from discovering new possibilities. Welcome the Unknown and anticipate success. You will never know the result if you do not take the risk.

Be optimistic

For the pessimist, the glass is half empty, the optimist, the glass is half full. The pessimist mourns the lost opportunities, the optimist sees the crisis as an opportunity for a new beginning.

Pessimists analyze the problems. They do this until they can reproduce the problem again at any time. Optimists are looking for solutions. For you, the past is a place where you have gained experience.

You can learn from mistakes. It is important to take full responsibility for your own mistakes. We can only change ourselves. And if the errors do not fall within our area of responsibility, then we cannot change their cause.

Our internal critic can sabotage our dreams. Therefore, we must make our internal critic our benevolent friend, ask him what he wants to achieve with his criticism, what positive intention he has. And if we have the internal critic on our side, then healthy personality development is no longer in the way.

If we silence our internal critic without paying attention to him, he will come back at the next opportunity. And that can happen at a very inappropriate time. Tell your internal critic of your Dreams and ask him how he can support you.

Find your passion

What is your own passion? When do you get excited, when do your eyes start to shine. What you can be completely enthusiastic about. What is your legacy? What should you remember later?

Once you find out, you have a powerful source of energy that can motivate you and drive you forward. Every human being is created to contribute something unique to this world. It’s best you start today.

I write about the end of humanity. Canadian. Writer. Believer.

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